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Paul Citroner was born and raised in N.Y.C. He made a choice in his teenage years to guide people by defining their true wants and needs.So much he enjoyed the goodness of serving, he chose to specialize in diamonds which symbolizes couples’ love because he enjoyed listening to their love stories. He is always inspired of how they overcame their personal challenges that made their commitment be as “InDestructible” as the diamond they choose.


Throughout his 37 years of sealing couples in love, Paul Citroner learned that having that sense of commitment starts within yourself first.The physical and mental challenges Paul Citroner experienced in his life had him earn his doctorate degree in The School of Hard Knocks. Paul is tremendously grateful for what he’s gone through as this made him the man that he is today. Paul interviews couples with how they’ve found each other before starting his search for the right engagement ring with style for them. After knowing them well by letting them share with him how they found true love, he always has to say, “You are no longer my customers, you both are now my best friends.” That type of relationship for Paul is “priceless”. He always enjoys true stories of how people overcame the odds in their lives with the power of love.


Throughout Paul Citroner’s career in the diamond industry, he has met thousands of dynamic couples from around the world who are in love and with a mission. Having those experiences made him feel that anything is possible as long as you stay focused with passion. Paul always believes that having love is the healer of all things. The reason why they say “diamonds are forever” is because having true love in your life is “forever”.  Feel free to share your love stories anytime to Paul Citroner.


“You can catch up when you lose money, but you can never catch up when you lose time.”
Paul Citroner