Upcoming Book

Book Title : InDestructible

Author’s Name : Paul Citroner

Release Date : My Upcoming Book To Be Coming Up Soon

Retail : $35.00

Website: www.beindestructible.net

Email: diamonds@beindestructible.net



We all start our lives with a vision to have abundance and unconditional love with family and friends. In the process of accomplishing those life goals, you’ll be faced with many challenges that could make you feel like giving up. I’m sure you’ve gone through those feelings many times over in your lives. We all go through having fears in our lives, but we must always look for solutions and positive possibilities in the long run to overcome these challenges. This will make you feel more appreciative and thankful for your inner strength to stay focused on your life’s goal.



In this book, you’ll become “inDestructible” based on developing your inner strength to overcome all the challenges life can throw at you. I’ll guide you to be as strong as a diamond that was created with intense heat and pressure. You will also know why diamond is being used as the symbol of love. You will learn the right foods to eat that will help you avoid your medical challenges and maintain having a positive state of mind that will guide you to avoid the negative energies around you.



In these, you will learn to uncover the inner strength to be “InDestructible”.
Learn how to always stay focused.
• Control your negative emotions that can overpower your thoughts.
• Focus on the solutions and not on the problem.
• Overcome your fears of death to be able to live fully.
• Focus on your internal fears that holds you back from succeeding.
• Control the negative energies around you.
• Find your purpose in living.
• Discover your abilities.
• Learn about your gifted inner energies.
• Find out how to avoid feeling the external and internal negative energies.
• Know the right food to eat that will help you avoid going to pharmacies for prescriptions.


“Having true love heals and removes fears; you must develop a full understanding of your emotions before you build your life with someone you love.”
—Paul Citroner